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IBM & eamli - Better Together

How Whitespace became an embedded solutions partner to open the door for IBM’s next generation of ISV partners.

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Whitespace and IBM share a hunger for innovation. It’s the driving force that’s seen us team up to complete many commercial and non-commercial projects over a two-year relationship.

We earned IBM’s trust through being fast to respond, hungry to innovate, and always delivering on expectations. And once again, our relationship has led us to be part of one of IBM’s most exciting ventures yet as it prepares to launch its Automation Foundation Base Pak with re-designed Cloud Paks focused on automation.

Supercharging value for partners & organisations around the world

We were instantly impressed after IBM shared its vision with us. The value and opportunities the Base Pak could generate for organisations were clear to see.

Since the Base Pak was designed to embrace partnerships, we saw an opportunity to make eamli an early adopter for the platform. IBM gave us the green light to move forward. And now eamli is ready to demo at its global launch on May 12th, 2021.

Combining eamli with the Automation Foundation Base Pak has the power to improve outcomes and overall operational efficiency for organisations. By producing powerful genetic algorithms to generate millions of potential outcomes on decisions that can be made or objectives that need to be achieved – decision-making is no longer time-consuming nor complex.

Even in its infancy, this collaboration offers organisations powerful data-backed insights to help them optimise every decision.

This [eamli] is a gearbox that contains consistent capabilities that make it really simple for clients to drive, repeatability, such areas like robotic process automation, so they can take manual processes and immediately simplify those and in doing that help the teams that are working with eamli to be able to make the decisions – rather than check that these processes are being run.

Andrew Brown, General Manager IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Europe, Middle East & Africa

No longer will organisations lose hours in spreadsheets assessing data and processes. eamli and IBM combine to provide a holistic view of organisations’ data – making it easy for them to turn it into meaningful action. Better decisions will be made in less time and budgets will go further, freeing IBM partners the capacity to offer more services.

For the IBM sales teams who are not familiar with eamli, I really encourage you to really kind of get into it. I think it is really powerful and is very, very simple to present to an IBM customer. It already has credibility in the public sector in the UK, and broader relationships now outside of just the UK and into the US as well. So the fact that we are able to support the application of eamli into those departments spending on procurement of services and capabilities into central and local government, or federal and state government, I think is hugely powerful.

Andrew Brown, General Manager IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Europe, Middle East & Africa

Kickstarting the next generation of ISV partners

The most exciting part of this partnership is that it’s only the beginning. Customers are already reaping the rewards of the Whitespace & IBM partnership – benefiting from increased speed, scale, solutions, and sales. IBM’s global launch takes place on the 12th of May, 2021 – opening the door for more companies to partner with IBM to make an already great offering, even better.

A whole new marketplace could fast emerge following IBM demoing eamli. It’s an exciting time for Whitespace and IBM, but even more so for the organisations that will soon have this game-changing technology at their fingertips.

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