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How eamli Can Support You To Make The Right Decisions, No Matter How Complex They Seem

30th June 2022
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“Big data” was supposed to help companies avoid costly errors and boost ROI by making better-informed decisions. But many around the world were left overwhelmed by it. There’s just too much data to absorb. And it’s leading to lots of poor decisions being made that have adverse effects on people, society, and the planet.

Poor decisions are often the result of misunderstanding data but that’s not the only reason why making decisions has become near impossible:

  • People have cognitive biases, fears, and doubts to overcome.
  • The world changes at a blistering pace and will only continue to do so.
  • A decision may achieve the desired objective while having adverse effects on other company objectives.

Considering that multiple decision-makers at companies are subjected to these problems, it’s no wonder that so many organisations are wasting budgets and causing great frustration with the outcomes they produce.

eamli: Helping You Make the Right Decisions in an Uncertain and Extraordinarily Complex World

eamli offers companies a chance to align every employee for success, removing the burden of the fear, uncertainty and complexity that they face when it’s time to make a decision. By learning what objective and values matter to your company, people can see the outcomes that their decisions will have – before they make them.

Employees can now make sure that every decision they make best serves the big-picture objectives of their company while working in congruence with its values.

Before eamli, key company information would be left in onboarding manuals and repeated in meetings/company-wide announcements – leaving too much space for it to be forgotten when decision-makers are under pressure to make decisions fast.

AI has been feared by some as it’s been slowly establishing itself in workplaces, but there’s nothing to fear: it’s supporting decision-makers. It’s not replacing them. It’s not a witch hunt. And it’s making decision-makers' lives easier, not harder. eamli is great news for teams, companies, society and the planet – as with this level of data intelligence, it’s easier to get positive outcomes than negative ones.

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