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How eamli Revolutionised Decision Intelligence

4th March 2022
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It’s never been a tougher time to be a decision-maker at a company. But despite this, they are still constantly judged on the outcomes of their decisions.

Running a business a few decades ago was relatively simple: build a committed team, create valuable products/services, and then scale and grow. That’s still the case but the “simple” part is long gone.

Today’s world is much more complex: We have the internet, cryptocurrencies, millions of people with smartphones, and the level of free information available has made it easy for anyone to start a business and learn new skills at a blistering pace. Business competition has grown, fiercely.

The role companies play has changed too. They are expected to be more responsible in forward-thinking societies. Customers and society demand them to be more ethical, greener, and not choose the most profitable option when there are alternatives that lessen the negative impact on society and the planet.

All of the above has placed great pressure on decision-makers. Not only do they need to assess tonnes of data to figure out where they stand, but they also need to make decisions that benefit their business, customers, society, and the environment… And they don’t have the luxury of time.

Until now, gathering intelligence to make big decisions required hours researching complex spreadsheets, reports, and seeking expert analysis advice. The problem with this approach is that it’s based on the past – not the future. As 2020 reminded us that the world can change overnight, decision-makers need help to predict the future to make data-backed decisions that produce the best outcomes.

The world is too complex for human “hunter-gatherer” brains to make decisions that affect people, society, and the planet...

Our brains evolved to keep us alive. That’s it. So it’s unfair, unreasonable, and absurd to demand decision-makers return the optimal outcome with every decision. There are trillions of factors that no mind is equipped to comprehend. Even the most intelligent, informed, and experienced are treading carefully each day in a world that’s constantly changing.

Why decision-makers need help:

  • Everyone has cognitive biases, fears, ego, knowledge gaps, and doubts
  • There are trillions of factors at play that nobody can see, understand or predict
  • The overall impact of decisions can’t be predicted accurately if all we have are outdated spreadsheets and reports
  • Even if a decision-maker achieves the outcome they wanted, it might have adverse effects on the company’s big-picture objective and values

Levelling the playing field for decision-makers with eamli: AI-powered decision intelligence

eamli gives companies a whole new level of decision-intelligence that transforms making nerve-wracking decisions into an effortless, informative, and rewarding part of the job. By telling eamli what your big-picture objectives are and the values that matter to your company – eamli guides you on how to best achieve them via data-backed decisions.

In a way that no human can, eamli analyses millions of possibilities within seconds. By modelling the future, you can see the impact of decisions before you make them. You can even work backwards by stating the objective and eamli will show you the different steps you can take to achieve it.

eamli provides a holistic view of data that anyone can read, regardless of their experience level of reading/understanding data. And should anyone question why a decision was made, you can easily validate decisions with eamli; it’s not a black box.

The role of decision-makers has changed for the better. eamli’s level of decision-intelligence protects decision-makers from being criticised/blamed for adverse effects that no human could possibly foresee.

With all the complexity, fear and uncertainty removed from decision-makers’ day to day tasks, they are free to make better-informed decisions faster – freeing up more time to direct focus where it’s needed the most.

Ready to remove the complexity from your decision making for good?

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